Vintage Wooden Boxes

Vintage Wooden Boxes


Our  Vintage Wooden Boxes come as a set of two  and make a wonderful storage solution with a rustic feel to it. They come with two designs on the side of the boxes. Scissors and sewing machine and rosemary and thyme. They make fantastic storage on a kitchen work top to give your kitchen that country style.

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Product Description

Solve your storage issues with our set of two vintage wooden boxes. They come with two different designs on the side. The larger of the two boxes comes with an old fashioned drawing of a sewing machine and scissors. Whilst the smaller box has rosemary and thyme adorning its sides!

These are great for putting all those annoying nik naks in that just can’t be thrown away. The smaller box looks great as a cooking condiments holder keep all those useful seasonings to hand but neatly stored making it easier for you to cook up a storm!

Material: Wood.
– Large 34.5 × 22 × 15 cm.
– Small 25 × 14 × 15.5 cm.
Weight: 1.35 kg (for set).