Luxe 22 Candle

Luxe 22 Candles in a Range of Fragrances


These candles have a burn time of  over 50 hrs. They will fill your room with the most beautiful fragrance that will help to create the perfect ambience.


Product Description

Our Luxe 22 candles have the ability to create the perfect ambience  for every mood and environment. They’re handmade made locally by one of our favourite artisans, using the highest quality wax and natural perfumes created in France. They are extremely popular with our customers.

They’re guaranteed to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance that will last

Our candles are presented in tin pots, which help hold the heat for the longest period possible and contribute to infusing the fragrance into the atmosphere.  These candles have a burn time of over 50 hrs, so they make the perfect gift for any occasion.They fill the room with beautiful fragrances that create the perfect atmosphere.

Luxe 22 Candles

Marrakech: Beautifully spiced with a strong woody fragrance
India: Floral, light and intoxicating
Africa: Berbere & Harissa spices with warm exotic undertones
Black Amber: Dark, mysterious and exotic
Cedar and sandalwood: Fresh and comforting
Madagascan Vanilla: A beautiful, rich, delicious fragrance
Persia: A luxurious fragrance to create an air of opulence
Tangelo Mandarin: Fresh and zesty with an exotic warmth


Care Instructions

To ensure your candle burns evenly all the way down please burn for 4 hours on the first burn until you have a nice wide melt pool. It is recommended you burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time allowing wax to cool and reset before relighting.  Please follow all safety instructions on the product label and retain for future reference.